Words of Mine; An Introduction

I love the sound of words; of letters strung together. Words are like little puzzles and when put together correctly they can invoke pictures of images yet unseen. I see my thoughts like a perfect sequence of still photographs and I find those visions entertaining. The stories I gather from cobwebbed corners, or the vivid thoughts that float lazily through my mind, or the rapid fire ideas all force me to write them down before they evaporate; I can't help but think others might just find them as interesting as I do. Perhaps the little stories you read will make your day a little brighter.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Last Wednesday my kickstarter campaign went live.  After so many years of writing, worrying, editing, rewriting and self doubt, I've finally gotten to a happy place with my story The Gift of Story; a Faerie's Tale.  I'm excited and nervous.  Will I get the money I need?  What if I don't?  I hate asking for money, it feels so selfish but that is how much I believe in this book.  I know people will love it and to have something tangible in my hands that I created...just the idea gets me buzzed.
Within three days I've met a 4th of my goal and the money has come from surprising places.  I am so lucky to have the support I do.  My friends and family cheer me on, strangers give my project money and I sit here, humbled by such generosity.  Still, I have a ways to go and have to keep plugging myself and my book in all my conversations; which makes me feel a little whorish, honestly.
Well, we'll see in a month how it goes, but for now I choose to be optimistic that I will reach my goal.