Words of Mine; An Introduction

I love the sound of words; of letters strung together. Words are like little puzzles and when put together correctly they can invoke pictures of images yet unseen. I see my thoughts like a perfect sequence of still photographs and I find those visions entertaining. The stories I gather from cobwebbed corners, or the vivid thoughts that float lazily through my mind, or the rapid fire ideas all force me to write them down before they evaporate; I can't help but think others might just find them as interesting as I do. Perhaps the little stories you read will make your day a little brighter.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Website Up!

It has been a long and hard road.  I have had my ego, such as it is, beaten down to the point of wondering why the hell I thought I could write.  One year of depression; solid and fearful soul searching.  Like the phoenix tattooed on my arm I have risen from the ashes and continue to grow.
Friends, I have re-issued my book and now it is without the glaring and embarrassing mistakes.  I also now have a website where you can go to buy my book, www.carmenmclark.com.
I have decided I'm not just rising.   
I'm coming up punching bitches!
It is time that I own who I am.  Last post I spoke of being a Storywriter (with a capital S!) and now I'm  letting the world know I'm proud of my fractured and silly thoughts.  No more excuses and if you happen to like it...let me know. 
It is time to get dirty and let out what I have inside.  I'm excited and scared but way more excited so here I go.  And thank you all, for reading along.