Words of Mine; An Introduction

I love the sound of words; of letters strung together. Words are like little puzzles and when put together correctly they can invoke pictures of images yet unseen. I see my thoughts like a perfect sequence of still photographs and I find those visions entertaining. The stories I gather from cobwebbed corners, or the vivid thoughts that float lazily through my mind, or the rapid fire ideas all force me to write them down before they evaporate; I can't help but think others might just find them as interesting as I do. Perhaps the little stories you read will make your day a little brighter.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Little Something about Writing

No, this is not how to write or a crazy insight on How To Be A Writer.  Nope, it is my thoughts on how I feel about being a Writer (notice the capitol W?  Yeah, intimidating right?).
I don't say, when asked what-do-I-do, that I am a writer.  In my definition of Writer, I need to be paid for my words.
It occurs to me I have actually gotten paid and should invariably, by my silly logic, say I am a writer.  So why don't I?  Fear.  It is so much easier to say I'm a teacher or I'm a mother or even I'm a gypsy; which is true considering I've had at least 9 jobs in 12 years, and I don't think I made it to the year mark on any of them.
Let's talk about fear.  I haven't finished college and somehow that makes me 'less.' I didn't even go to college for writing so that makes me 'inexperienced.' I don't work in any field that has anything to do with published writing so that makes me 'unprofessional.'  We won't even get into my poor grammar and spelling.  Good Lord I know how to come down on myself.  I'm also a glutton for self punishment and public humiliation, thanks Catholic upbringing.
What I'm slowly learning is that I'm a Writer because I keep on writing. When someone challenges me with set perimeters, I'm able to meet them.  When I have an idea it won't quit until I type it out.  I finish what I start (or get hounded and hunted by the unfinished stories) and I only want to get better and better at writing.
I prefer the title Storyteller and I get excited about reading my work out loud when I think of it as a performance.  The actress in me may have retired but she will never truly quit.
Okay, so maybe I'm a Storyteller who writes her stories down.  I like that.  Or maybe I'm a Storywriter.  What the hell is the difference?  I'm not sure but I like the sound of it much better.
Go ahead an introduce me as Carmen, the Storywriter, because that's what I'm gonna call myself from now on, with a capitol S.

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